Outsourced Credit & Due Diligence


The ever-changing financial world creates both opportunities and challenges. New ways of raising capital or investing funds spring up almost daily. Deciding which opportunities hold the most promise, and then structuring and closing transactions, takes time, effort, and specialized expertise.


We know how to analyze, structure, and close complex investments.  Crystalus personnel have, over the course of their careers, closed over $3 billion worth of transactions involving debt, equity, and grant funding.

We regularly work with both lenders and funders, so we know how the other side thinks and what motivates them.  Our work is thorough and timely, incorporating industry best practices to exacting standards.  Our support comprises a range of technical and strategic services, including funding terms and conditions, financial model review and sensitivity analysis, identifying risks/exposures and recommending mitigation strategies, and advising on documentation.



Typically, we serve as an extension of the client’s own team, rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side providing technical support and expert guidance. We excel at working under tight deadlines, ensuring your risks are covered and your funding is well structured. In short, we help you save time and money.

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