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Typically, organizations need two kinds of learning support, either (i) to enhance a group’s expertise in a particular subject area (such as structured finance); or (ii) training as an integral component of broader change management and strategy implementation (such as implementing an enhanced risk management framework).


Crystalus approaches your training and development needs with the same personal attention as our other advisory services.  We take note of cultural underpinnings, staff competencies, and organizational priorities.  We build into our workshops the essential elements to help transition your staff to a higher level of expertise.  Our training and mentoring is rooted in solid practical experience, and then brought to life in highly engaging workshops, infused with tailored case examples drawn directly your staff’s daily challenges.

Workshops can be as short as half a day, or they may cover multiple days, depending on client needs and learning goals.  Invariably, we design the materials and deliver the workshops in a light and engaging manner, without sacrificing the need for focused and intensive learning.



Our tailored, experiential workshops consistently hit the right notes with our clients.  We know, because we are asked to return time and time again, for an encore of what participants say was a tremendous learning experience, often the best of their careers.

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