Dynamic Capture™ is a transformative and ground-breaking empowerment tool for international finance, employed alongside your existing processes to help drive and scale business for impact.

The Dynamic Capture™ integrated suite includes powerful customized windows and practitioner-guided expert support, instilling the clarity and judgment necessary to push the envelope and optimize objectives.

Dynamic Capture™ employs a time-shift and 4-step transformative thinking process for teams to grow in judgment and capacity.

The integrated suite includes:*

  • Custom Workshop
  • Access to Dynamic Capture™ online app
  • Access to Live Expertise
  • Customized Hubs/Windows – an essential element designed for you by Crystalus, drawn from key internal and external material – including for example:
    • Thematic categories
    • Mapping to relevant recovery spectrum
    • Alignment with relevant metrics
    • Alignment with your tools
*Relevant access limits apply

Why is it needed?

In the world of complex international finance, teams can get lost in the weeds and miss the bigger picture.

What can happen:

  • Inefficient deal processing
  • Unnecessarily complex analysis
  • Unbalanced risk assessment and mitigation priorities
  • Delays in structuring transactions that work
  • Difficulty reaching closings
  • Lack of focus on the most significant issues